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Cornale Racing's First Lady
Jen is a college student currently a Westchester Community. In a nut shell she is " the perfect girl" (larry land).

1975 Corvette
Purple Monster
  The Cars
She had a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am Se. Now she owns a 2003 pontiac grand am GT black along with a 1975 Chevy Corvette. New Pictures coming soon. Her dream cars are Yukon Denali, and 1969 Camaro.

Girl cant drive
yeah right watch out for this one. she can drive anything, and doesnt stop for anything she thinks she owns the road and everyone should move for her.

Satin you know who you are watch out. we have a suprise for you.

Former Grand am Se now Grand am GT
My Bitch

This is Jen driving.
She doesnt stop for anyone.