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Welcome To Cornale Racing

Welcome To The Cornale Racing Home Page.
I started this car club back when i was in high school. So far we have 5 members and are looking for more members to join. We are all college and high school students and our cars are of all types and classes.

Listing Site Updates
Web Site was made on 9/23/02.
The Team was at the car show in the BJ's parking lot in Yorktown, NY on October 6 held by Road Knights from Peekskill NY. Mike won a trophy for recognition. That was one of three prizes. What a start - 1 show one trophy

New pictures and new cars will be added to the teams site this spring.
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This Homepage is Under Construction
I am in college and tring ot get an education so give me a break please

This site has all kinds of pictures so take the time to let it show up on the screen.

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If you want to join and live in the NY area, or you have any comments let me know.

Sign our guest book and check out what other people say about the site and the team.
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